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Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) is a process in which caregivers who are feeding community cats (stray and feral) trap them in humane traps. They then take them to a spay/neuter program and after recovery, return the cats to where they are feeding them. Adoptable cats and kittens are placed in homes whenever possible. TNR is the compassionate approach/solution to feral and stray cat overpopulation.

Trapping and killing feral and community cats, the previously accepted method for controlling the cat population, teaches the community that it is okay to create unwanted animals and then kill the surplus. This leaves no room for education or compassion for life. 

We can help by loaning traps, teaching you how to trap, and transporting cats to spay/neuter clinics in our area. Oregon Humane Society (Salem Campus) & Feral Cat Coalition (Portland).  Fill out the Spay and Neuter Assistance Form below. You can go to and fill out their Spay/Neuter Form.  Feral Cat Coaltion provides services on a donation basis.  Email Oregon Humane Society for current availability and costs You need to make the appointments before we can help you.



Salem Friends of Felines

Oregon Humane Society - Salem Campus 


Need to surrender your cat or found a stray?  Please complete the form below.  We can only take cats if we have a foster to take the cat.  We do not have a shelter.  The largest shelter in our area is Oregon Humane Society (OHS).  OHS will only take owned cats from Marion County due to a disagreement with Marion County. 

This form is used to match cats with an available foster.

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